Summer Holiday Clubs

Our summer holiday camps are designed to meet the needs of parents who want to occupy their kids while they’re working or just keep them stimulated and active while they’re off from school.

With multiple activities to choose from and programmes designed for children in Reception - Year 6, our summer holiday camps are a unique and engaging solution to childcare that offers something for every child. Whether your little ones are introverted and quiet, preferring to read or take part in relaxing activities such as reading, or they’re sociable and love to get involved with group activities like team sports, our day camp programmes cater to all interests and personalities.

Fun and Excitement for The Summer Holidays

Keeping the kids occupied isn’t enough, especially during an extended break like the summer holidays – kids want fun and excitement, with a team of staff that can keep them entertained all day long, and that’s exactly what we provide here at Tree Tops Clubs. We have programmes in a variety of locations, with carefully selected venues that ensure our schedules aren’t impacted by the weather. From arts and crafts to sports, team activities and challenges, our summer holiday camps have something for everyone, with activities designed to cater to ages 4 to 11. We make sure that we put together a varied selection of things to do so that all ages and interests are included, and our highly experienced team will be on hand to keep the kids safe and make sure they’re always enjoying themselves.

Making Memories and Friends

Holiday camps are a great way of boosting the kids’ development, confidence and skills, ready for them returning to school again in September. They’ll have the chance to try new things, meet friends and make lasting memories over the course of the summer break. With something for everyone and a focus on fun, our summer holiday camps are the perfect solution to keeping the kids occupied and entertained for the longer school break.