Our Day camps

At Tree Tops Clubs, we take the most exciting and action-packed activities to create our day camp programmes for children in Reception - Year 6

With our age-appropriate activities, kids have the chance to learn new skills, make friends with other children their age and build confidence! We have a highly skilled, energetic and friendly team on hand that ensure your kids are kept safe, so you can rest assured that whether it’s the summer holidays, a half-term break or time off from school for Easter or Christmas, your little ones will be having a great time. Tree Tops Clubs offer day camps throughout the year that encourage fun, play and learning to benefit kids of all ages.

An ideal solution for working parents who are in need of a childcare solution during the day, as well as parents who want to keep their kids learning and active during the school holidays, our day camps make the time off from school fun and educational. From high-energy team games to solo activities and challenges, our day camps are always diverse and action-packed so your kids will always have something to keep them entertained during the school holidays. Our activities are age-appropriate so regardless of whether they’re reception age or ready to head to secondary school, we have games and events that they’ll enjoy.

In addition to holiday clubs, we also offer breakfast clubs so kids can kick start their day in the right way, and after school clubs where they can unwind after a day of learning and kick back with other kids their age. Centred entirely around play, whether it’s chilled out indoor activities or outdoor fun as a group, our holiday camps are safe, affordable, high quality and always entertaining for little ones. Let the kids run wild in a safe environment where they can make new friends, learn valuable skills and build their self-confidence away from the classroom.