Top 10 tips to making friends at Tree Tops Holiday Clubs

Here at Tree Tops Clubs, we understand the importance of fun and enjoyable holiday activities that enable children to learn and develop social skills.

1) Make eye contact and smile

Whether you’re usually confident or not, hold your head up high as we’re all in this together. If you don’t know the person or seem reluctant to participate in activities, offer a kind smile to show that you’re positive and friendly. If they smile back at you, try saying hi or striking up a conversation so you can get to know them.

2) Introduce yourself

Introductions are the perfect way to break the ice and include everyone. Before jumping into a new conversation, say hi and offer your name first. A basic introduction is a great way to put yourself out there while also learning new names and faces.

3) Approach someone sitting alone at lunch

Whether you’re with your friends or lunching alone, refrain from joining a crowded table or scoping out an empty area for yourself. Look for someone sitting by themselves, as this is an easy, non-intimidating way to strike up a conversation with a potential new friend.

4) Become friends with your friend’s friends

Just because your new friend isn’t alone, it doesn’t mean you can’t join in. The perfect way to form friendship circles is to get to know your friend’s friends. Tell them your name and your shared interests so they can get to know you more, and you’ll soon be all hanging out together!

5) Offer a compliment

Compliments are a great way to make someone feel at ease. You don’t have to be super serious, and it can be as simple as complimenting someone’s shirt, backpack, or sporting ability. You could even expand the conversation and ask where they bought it from.

6) Lend a hand

Helping a fellow club member is the ideal opportunity for a friendship to blossom. Whether you’re helping pick something up or carrying their lunchbox, being kind and considerate is a great way to stand out as the ideal new friend.

7) Tell a joke

Making someone laugh is a great way to start a new friendship. Whether it’s a knock-knock joke or doing something funny, your new clubmate is bound to want to talk to you and get to know you more

8) Find commmon interests

Pay attention to what your clubmates do in their spare time. Find out whether they’re reading a good book or wearing a T-shirt for a famous band as these small details are all great starting points, especially if you share that same interest.

9) Swap numbers and stay in touch

Whether you swap numbers directly or your parents have, don’t be afraid to reach out at the weekend and catch up with each other. Perhaps you could get a lift to your next holiday club with your new friend, or meet up once school returns in September.

10) Be yourself

And lastly, Tree Tops Clubs is all about being inclusive, and you don’t need to change who you are just to try to fit in or make new friends. Do the things you love, be confident about it and try not to be shy or embarrassed, as not everything thinks or feels the same. We hope these have given you a few ideas of how to make friends at Tree Tops Clubs. If you’re looking for childcare support this summer at a reliable, affordable, fun camp, take a look at all our locations here.

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