Overcoming Back to School Nerves & Things Your Child May Encounter

As the new school year is approaching and kids are preparing to go back, your child might be experiencing some worries and concerns… Don’t panic!

It is completely normal to feel anxious about these changes, in fact, change makes most people feel funny and stressed, but some more than others.

This blog will help you spot the signs of anxiety, explore some concerns your child may have, and provide some Tree Tops tips and tricks to help overcome them.

The Signs:

When children are anxious, they may not know how to express their feelings. Instead, look for signs in their behaviour. Those who are experiencing anxiety may:

  • Appear more clingy than normal
  • Be restless and fidgety
  • Have tummy aches
  • Display changes in eating and sleeping habits
  • Express negative thoughts or worries
  • Get upset or angry more quickly
  • Have spouts of unexplained crying
  • Struggle to concentrate

Try to encourage your child to talk about their feelings and reassure them that how they are feeling is very common when undergoing changes in their lives, it happens to the best of us!

Below are some concerns they may have about returning back to school and some ways in which you can help them conquer these worries once and for all!

Settling back into a routine:

A couple of weeks before returning to school, try and prepare your child by getting back into their known routine. This could involve going to bed at a reasonable time, waking up fairly early, and reconnecting with their school friends. If your child is moving schools, you could even do a practice run before returning to make the transition feel smoother. By incorporating these tips into their routine, it should ease your child into the back-to-school life, so it won’t be as much of a shock when the time finally comes.

New teachers:

Your child might feel anxious about meeting their new teacher, and it can be intimidating to think about the adjustment – especially if they had a good relationship with their previous teacher. Therefore, this year more than ever, you may feel it’s important to talk with your child’s school about this. Encourage teachers to arrange phone calls with families if possible, especially with particularly nervous children, so that they can feel more at ease and ready to get stuck in.

Making friends:

Trying to make friends at any age is scary, and for some children it can be useful for you both to work together and think of some ‘opening lines’ they could use to start conversations. Planning out starter sentences like, “I like your new school bag” or “What did you get up to at the weekend?” can make them feel more comfortable and prepared in a classroom full of new faces. Additionally, consider joining a before or after school club, such as Tree Tops Clubs, as we are all about inclusivity and encouraging youngsters to be themselves to find their true, life long friends!

At Tree Tops Clubs, our dedicated, attentive and experienced team will support your children through school transition by helping them start and finish the day feeling content and happy.

Take a look at our locations HERE if you are looking for childcare support at a trustworthy and fun breakfast and/or after school club!

If your school doesn’t have a Tree Tops Club and would be interested in partnering with us, please ask them to contact: info@treetopsclubs.co.uk

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