Keeping your kids happy and safe in the sun

If you’re stuck for what to do with your little ones, have a look at our inventive ideas to keep everyone happy and safe this summer!

We all love summer; days at the beach, evening barbecues, and lounging around in the garden. But as brits, we aren’t particularly accustomed to days as hot as the Bahamas. Enjoying the sun can quickly turn into struggling to cope with the current heat, and for children that is often the case. 

We know that it can be difficult to keep your children happy and entertained during such hot days, whilst also keeping them safe and cool. So if you’re stuck for ideas of what to do with your little ones in this heat wave, or you fancy a more chilled day in the garden with your family, have a look at our inventive ideas to keep everyone happy and safe this summer.

  1. Giant Ice Cube Excavation 

If you have been meaning to get on with some housework for a few days but have been busy entertaining the family, this giant ice cube excavation mission can provide hours of fun.

Filled with your children’s favourite toys and hidden sweets, this is a great way for budding archaeologists to dig for treasure. To make this giant ice cube, you need to fill the bottom of a freezer drawer with water mixed with edible food colouring. Add some toys, such as sea creatures or robots, and your children’s favourite sweets, and leave to freeze. Every hour or so, add another layer of water and repeat the process. When it’s frozen, tip out of the freezer drawer, give your children some toy chisels and hammers, and let them get to work digging for treasure!

Photo credits to Lauren

  1. Homemade ice lollies 

If you’re worried your children have been in the sun too much by the afternoon, how about making some home-made ice lollies for a refreshing break in between activities? This way you can keep the kids entertained in the cool for a little while, whilst making some yummy snacks. Whether you want to make simple mango lollies, or you're feeling particularly adventurous and ready to brave rainbow ice lollies, take a look at some great recipes here.

  1. Slip and Slide

Becoming more and more popular now instead of the dreaded water fight, is the Slip and Slide. Whether you choose to buy one on Amazon or make one using a long plastic sheet, if you have a decent size garden, or even a nearby park, this will provide hours of fun for your little ones. Simply spray water across the slip and slide, add a small amount of fairy liquid, and sit back while your kids have a whale of a time sliding down the garden in the cool water. 

  1. Water gun painting 

If your children enjoy more artistic activities, water gun painting is a great way to keep cool and creative during the hot weather. Fill several water guns with different coloured washable paint mixed with water, put a canvas or large piece of paper outside, and let your child unleash their creative side and create a masterpiece. But make sure the paint washes off easily in case of an impromptu water fight!

Photo credits to Melissa

We would love to see your children enjoying some of these activities, so let us know how you got on and which ones they preferred! And if you’re wondering how to keep your children entertained for the entire summer holidays, why not send them to your nearest Tree Tops Club for a week or so and give them a summer to remember?

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