UK Childcare Group has recently acquired Leeds Camps!

UK Childcare Group has acquired Leeds Camps as their sixth company within the group. The holiday club, Leeds Camps, founded in 2010, was announced to be up for sale in the middle of May, and the successful umbrella company was quick to snatch it up after the growing success of their holiday club businesses.

UK Childcare Group consists of Wild Life Day Camps, and since 2012 has been providing outdoor activities for children aged 4-12 in Surrey, in addition to Tiny Tops nursery, established only last year and their latest educational business, and Tops Sports company. They also have two successful recruitment companies for the childcare and education industry, however, their most significant success so far is Tree Tops Clubs; founded in 2016, they now run over 40 Ofsted registered breakfast, after school, and holiday clubs across the whole of the South and further afield.

Despite what has been an extremely challenging 16 months for almost all businesses, UK Childcare Group has managed to come out the other side stronger than ever and ready to support more children and their families.

UK Childcare Group is expected to have summer holiday bookings for Leeds Camps up and running during the May half term, and have big plans for the organisation.

CEO Of UK Childcare Group, Nick Mealey said: “Leeds Camps ethos of ‘A camp for every child’ really stood out to us as a company, and we are keen to ensure we continue to offer high quality, Ofsted registered holiday camps in Leeds following the success of Leeds Camps over the past 11 years.

We look forward to working with the children, parents, schools and staff over the next coming months and ensuring we run a great summer holiday club for children to reconnect with their friends, play, and learn new things this summer and beyond.”

Former CEO and founder of Leeds Camps, Billy Kirwin, said: “I couldn’t ask for a better team to have worked with over the last six years. They are the main reason why Leeds Camps have become the biggest holiday club provider in Yorkshire. Their hard work and commitment are a testament to their characters, and I can only hope that everyone has colleagues as good. A final thanks to everybody who has used Leeds Camps over the last 11 years; I hope we have helped in some small way to your child’s development.”