HAF Scheme

Tree Tops Clubs are proud to support many of our local authorities partners by offer the Holiday Activities and Fun (HAF) programme.

A little girl eating an apple outdoors.
The HAF programme will support children to
  • Eat more healthily over the school holidays
  • Be more active during the school holidays
  • Take part in engaging and enriching activities which support the development of resilience, character building and wellbeing, along with their wider educational attainment
  • Be safe and not to be socially isolated
  • Have a greater knowledge of health and nutrition
  • Be more engaged with school and other local services

How do I know I’m eligible for HAF?

You would have been contacted by your local council/school if you are entitled to benefit-related Free School Meals. If you have been contacted by the school/ local authority, please see below how to book your place.

All children in Infant Schools (Reception – Year 2) receive free school meals, but the HAF government funded holiday sessions are for children on benefit related free school meals.

Universal Infant free school meals
All children in reception, year 1 and year 2 in England’s state-funded schools receive a free meal under the Department for Education (DfE) universal infant free school meal (UIFSM) policy. Infant pupils who receive a free meal under UIFSM must also be eligible for benefits-related Free School Meals to be able to access a place on the HAF programme.

Find out more about the HAF programme here.

Where are we offering the HAF scheme?

Tree Tops Clubs are proud to be supporting many councils in delivering the HAF scheme. Please note, HAF proof may be required before bookings can be made.

North Yorkshire
West Berkshire

Need a code?

Please refer to your school/local authority for the HAF code, or drop us a message.

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Already have the code?

Go through to your preferred club and enter your unique code in the payment section.

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HAF weekly guides

Tree Tops Clubs are proud to provide four weekly guides to help you with Holiday Activities and Fun.

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